Our Outlets

Our friendly team of sales assistants are ready to serve the public with freshly made meals, takeaways, snacks and refreshments at the Skychef Snack Shop at Independence House in Victoria, as well as at Café Paradiso, the Skychef Shop and our newly opened Seybar Café & Bar at the Seychelles International Airport.

Launched in collaboration with Seybrew, the new Seybar Café & Bar is tropical island theme outlet catering to tourists and locals alike. It is open to the public 7 days a week for all international flight departure times serving an array of delicious pastries, sandwiches, wraps, hot snacks, bar bites, fresh salads, cakes, desserts, milkshakes, Nespresso coffee, fresh juices, alcoholic beverages, tasty Takamaka cocktails and much more.


  • Skychef Shop: Offers customers a renovated outdoor area where to enjoy daily, freshly-made Creole and international cuisine hot meal takeaways for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our ready-made, Easy Meals can simply be warmed up to either eat on our terrace or at a later date. In addition, there are several healthy options such as salads, fruit salads, wraps, sandwiches, local snacks, pastries and whole cakes perfect for any occasion.

Located at the Seychelles International Airport opposite the Domestic Terminal.Open Monday to Sunday 05:30hrs to 18:00hrs and on Saturday 05:30hrs to 19:00hrs

  • Seybar Café & Bar: This elegant, island-style café enticingly decorated in various hues of blues showcases the best local Seychellois brands. In collaboration with Seybrew, we offer their well-known draft beer and all their Seypearl beverages including the iconic Takamaka Rum as well as a selection of delicious pastries, Easy Meals, bar bites, pizzas, desserts, ice creams and milk shakes.

Situated at the Seychelles International Airport in the Domestic Terminal. Open 7 days a week for all international flight departure times

  • Café Paradiso: This tropically-themed café situated inside the airport international departure lounge offers fresh pastries, snacks, salads, sandwiches and desserts to passengers travelling from Seychelles and gives them their last taste of paradise!

Located inside the Departure Lounge at the Seychelles International Airport. Open 7 days a week for all international flight departure times

  • Skychef Snack Shop: This conveniently-located outlet situated in the very heart of Victoria, makes the popular Skychef menu available to one and all including the ready made Easy Meal that can be heated up to take away, a range of hot and cold beverages, pastries, salads, sandwiches, savoury treats and desserts.

Located at Independence House in Victoria. Open Monday-Friday from 07:30hrs to 15:00hrs